“Spectacular outcrops, detailed field guide, and knowledgeable leaders with application to current activities”

Satisfied attendees include members of Rosetta, Hess, Husky, Petrobakken, Crescent Point, and others who attended trips through the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. Referrals available upon request.

Bakken Field Seminar in western Montana

PRISEM’s Bakken field trip provides participants the unique opportunity to see the Bakken Formation and associated strata in outcrop.  The field seminar is located in south-central Montana where faulting in the Helena salient has exposed these strata that are prolific producers in Montana, North Dakota, and Saskatchewan.  Superb exposures introduce participants to the facies and sequence stratigraphy of these remarkable Devonian-Mississippian rocks.  Local well logs, outcrop-based gamma ray logs, and detailed measured sections are fully integrated into the course.

PRISEM has been leading this trip since 2008 and has been studying the Bakken (locally known as the Sappington) throughout Montana since 2005. We have measured over 30 sections in central Montana, many not previously examined. Widespread observations and geochemical/ biostratigraphic sampling around the Central Montana Trough and in SW Montana have led to new advances in understanding the stratigraphy and depositional setting of the Three Forks-Bakken-Lodgepole system. Few have seen and documented the Three Forks-Sappington-Scallion like PRISEM, nor so completely integrated field studies into the subsurface geology of the Bakken in Montana and North Dakota.

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